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30th June 2007



28th June 2007

5:07pm: Deja Entendu owns my face off.
Jesus Christ, I missed this CD.
Deja Entendu > everything, and it's pretty much the only thing I've listened to it since I downloaded it, besides a little FOB craving I had earlier.

Lawlz, I'm pretty much just killing time until Steven's Untitled Rock Show comes on, because, FINALLY, Straylight Run's gonna be performing on there, etc., and I am uber excited.

I really don't have anything to talk about, TBH.

My mind is just kind of blank.

It's 5:15, and I just woke up about 30 minutes ago.

Some crap went down this morning involving my parents, and I'm not really sure what, but it wasn't good--- and they won't tell me anything, regardless of the fact that I am the oldest, and I think I have a right to know what goes in my own family.

I listened to Take This To Your Grave this morning, and it felt like coming home. <3

"Saturday" pretty much pwns my existence, and it always will.

I think I'm gonna go watch mah TBS DVD.

Probably update again later or something. IDK.


- Sarah [still is refusing to accept John's marriage, TBH.]

27th June 2007

7:07pm: Lawlz, I would have totally forgotten that this thing existed, were it not for Lindsey.

So I suppose I should update it or whatever.

We're out of school, and I've been spending my days sleeping and my nights on the internet; the FOBR boards mostly, which seem to be kinda shitty, but it's all okay, I guess. There are a few awesome people on there still yet, and sometimes and interesting thread or two arises.

My musical taste hasn't changed, of course, but there have been some shifts in the importances of certain bands in my life.

First of all, Fall Out Boy are extremely important to me. Those four boys are pretty much the loves of my life, and I have not forgotten about them, nor will I *ever* forget about them. I am not mad at them, and I never have been. I respect every decision they have made. I respect them, adore them, and will never give up on them.

But, Brand New has finally beat them out--- after a vicious war of loyalties, and it is now Brand New that I turn to when my day has gone wrong, when I'm upset and crying.

Peter always used to write about how... he was so awkward, about he pretty much sucked at love and life and everything, and we don't get that from him anymore. Now all we get is "Oooh, look at this: I'm so smooth. Look where I am, and look where you are. You can't relate to me anymore, because I'm way out of your league." from him, and it's upsetting.

But, still; Jesse Lacey is the one writing the words that I can really relate to. I see so much of myself in songs like "Jesus Christ", and when I'm listening to Brand New... for those moments that Jesse's voice is blaring through my speakers, I don't feel so alone. I feel like there is someone out there who understands me, and will continue to understand, regardless of how many people love their band, and how big their shows are.

Peter never promised me anything, but he failed to live up to my ridiculously high expectations, and I was still upset.

Jesse never promised me anything, but he has never let me down. He doesn't need to make promises, because I know he is always going to come through. As long as he keeps writing words on paper, as long as those four boys in that band continue to make music together, my expectations are going to be met. That's all I need from them.

It's strange.
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me is a highly personal album, obviously, and I wonder how Jesse feels knowing that there are so many kids out there who *think* they know what he is singing about.

I don't know what he's singing about.
And I probably never will.
And as much as I *want* to know, there are some things that should just be kept between him and his music. Secrets that are out there--- they're just coded.

Even though I don't know much about his life, I *still* consider The Devil && God... to be highly personal to *me*, and that is fantastic. A fantastic accomplisment for Mr. Lacey right there.

He is my favorite song writer, lyricist, musician, artist, whatever you want to call him. He is absolutely fantastic in every way. I want to meet him, if only to speak a few pathetic words to him. "You've saved my life... You hear it a lot, I'm sure, but it's true. Thank you, Jesse. Thank you."

Brand New > everything, TBH.

- Sarah

11th March 2007

4:07pm: hgaksdgahkdgadsghaskg.


So, the other night, I saw The Hush Sound, Straylight Run, Spitalfield, and Pablo. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING.

We waited for about an hour outside of the theatre before we went in. While we were waiting, Mr. Moustaschio came outside and walked around the building, and then came back through the front door a few minutes later. Me and Rachael were talking about what we wanted to say to him, but when he came back around we were like "SAKFJAJKHFAKJGD" so I blurted out "We love you, Mr. Moustaschio!" and he smiled and looked back at me and said, "I love you, too!"

I bubbled for foreverrr.

So, they finally let us in, and I got my picture taken with Mr. Moustaschio.
Me: ... Would you mind if I got a picture of you?
Him: No, go right ahead.
Me: Okay, thanks. ... Uhm. Would you mind leaning over the table so I could be in it?
Him: No problem! *he leans over the table*
*I do my finger in the moustache thing over my lip.*
Him: *to my mom* Hahaha, she knows the drill!
*The picture is snapped. My sister gets her picture with him, too.*
Me: Thank you very much!
Him: No problem. What's your name?
Me: Sarah.
Him: *shakes my hand* Very nice to meet you, Sarah. My name is Adam. Or, you know. Mr. Moustaschio. Enjoy the show!
*We share a wave and then me, Mom, Emily, Rachael, and Ashley move up and wait to go in the house.*

He is oh-so nice!

So, we rannnn to the front of the house and got RIGHT UP ON THE STAGE. I was so thrilled.

Will from Pablo came on stage, and Megan talked to him. He thought he heard her say she was sick, so he said, "Aw, I'll bring some cough drops out here for ya!" and we laughed and stuff. He was nice.

Pablo was great. So folk-y, with such a nice pace. I loved them! Two of the band members were missing, so Paul called his wife on stage to play harmonica and sing in a few songs. She did so good! Paul dropped several eff-bombs while talking to us, and caught a glimpse of my mom sitting in an otherwise empty row, and said, "And I want you all to thank your moms for bringing you here tonight!"

They introduced Spitalfield, etc. While the guitarist [TJ.] for Spitalfield was setting up his stuff and helping clear away Pablo's stuff, we talked to him for a little bit. I told him that I liked his jacket, and that he looked very nice. Whenever he would come out on stage during the break he would smile and wave at us.

So, yeah, Spitalfield was awesome. I wanted to buy their CD, but I didn't get to. The lead singer told us that Straylight Run was going to be in the 3rd slot, and everyone started screaming and wailing, but when they were putting the banner down after Spitalfield was over, it was The Hush Sounds banner. Everyone was like '__' but I really didn't mind. We had to wait for a little while. We took turns leaving to get drinks and go to the restroom so we wouldn't lose our spots against the stage. I went and got my picture taken with TJ, who snagged a seat in the audience so he could watch The Hush Sound perform. Also, Will actually brought some cough drops to Megan! I stole one.

When The Hush Sound finally came out, I went crazy. I took about 60 pictures of them, I believe. Chris was sosososososososo close to me, and the pictures of him turned out really good!

About two songs into their set, Greta goes, "Okay, this next song is from our old album. It's called Unsafe Safe."

Some guy in the audience: UNSAFE SEX?!
Greta: Did you say unsafe sex? *laughs* Unsafe sex is bad!
Bob: Of course, we wouldn't be here if we weren't bad.

Mr. Moustaschio stood behind us during part of their set, and I kept turning around and gawking at him. I seriously love that guy. Then, he left, and came out onstage a few minutes later to dance during Wine Red.

So, their set ended, and I was kinda sad. They were so amazing... Seeing them live was seriously... one of the highlights of my life.

Everyone started setting up for Straylight Run. I got a few pictures of Will while he was sitting at his drum set.

They started with Existentialism on Prom Night, and I got a little teary-eyed.

Michelle looked positively radiant. I've always thought she was gorgeous, but... Geez. It is seriously unreal how beautiful that girl is.

When they started Existentialism, Shaun looked right at me, and I smiled at him. He gave me a HUGE smile back, and I just melted.

The audience went CRAZY during Hands In The Sky. People were just standing there, screaming the lyrics, pumping their fists... I almost cried. John got so emotional... It was almost scary to watch. But I loved it.

After the show ended, we all went over to the merch. table. I told Mr. Moustaschio that his dancing was excellent, and he thanked me kindly. I bought a shirt, as did my sister. I asked him to sign my hat for me, so he borrowed a marker from Straylight Run's merch. guy, and signed it. I looked around for people, and spotted Bob standing on the stairs, so took my shirt and camera up there.

He was so incredibly sweet!
Me: Hello, Bob!
Him: Hello!
Me: You are absolutely amazing.
Him: Why, thank you!
Me: You're welcome. You have this little cow-lick in your hair...
Him: Do I? *he leans his head down* Could you fix it for me?
Me: Of course. *tries*
Him: In all honesty, I really need to wash my hair.
Me: It won't fix, but, you still look beautiful. Would you mind signing this shirt?
Him: Of course not.
*I hold the shirt up.*
Him: Pull it kinda tight, 'cause it's hard to write like this. *he signs it*
Me: Thank you very much! Can I get a picture?
Him: Of course!
*Rachael takes our picture*
Me: Thank you!
Him: You're welcome. *Rachael starts talking to him.*

I hollered at Chris and talked to him for a little bit. He didn't have a Sharpie, so I was like, "Bob, may we please borrow your Sharpie?"

Bob: It's your Sharpie now.
Me: Oh, really?
Chris: He must not like it. *takes Sharpie from Bob and signs my shirt*
Me: Thank you very much, Chris!
Chris: You're most certainly welcome.
Bob: On second thought, I think I'm going to need this Sharpie a little longer. *takes Sharpie back*
Me: May I please get a picture with you?
Chris: Yes.
*I give my camera to Rachael.*
Bob: Chris, look excited!
*Chris puts gives the camera a thumbs up and a dramatic face.*
Me: Thanks! *takes camera from Rachael. Rachael tries to get my attention. I ignore her.* So, Chris, I really like your tie! *lightly touches Chris's awesome tie*
Chris: Thanks!
Me: It's very snazzy.
Rachael: SARAH, YOU HO!
Me: WHAT?! *Chris chuckles slightly*
Rachael: I need you take a picture of me and Bob.
Chris: Here, let me take it!
Bob: Yes, Chris is a master photographer.
*Chris snaps the picture. We all thank him and Bob, and I move on to Darren.*

Sadly, my conversation with Darren was less memorable. He signed my shirt, I got a picture, and told him that he was amazing. While we were talking, Rachael hollered at me, and I glanced at her, and saw Michelle, for just a split second, and she was gone. I wish I could have met her, but she didn't turn up any after that. I asked Darren if there was going to be any Greta sightings, and he kindly helped me find her. She was hiding behind a pillar.

I can't even begin to tell you what I said to Greta. I got really nervous and started babbling like an absolute idiot. She signed my shirt and got a picture with me, and was too, too sweet, and did a good job at keeping up with everything I said. I was so thrilled to meet her!

We all decided to leave, but I soon as I stepped out of the theatre, I saw Shaun talking to Bob at the merch. tables and I started freaking out, because I wanted a picture with him.
Me: *rushes into the door* I hate to interuppt, but... Shaun, may I have a picture with you?
Shaun: Yes, of course.
Me: You know, you smiled at me during the show.
Shaun: I did, I did! *laughs*
Me: Yes, it made me very happy.
*Rachael snaps the picture.*
Me: Rachael, you got me in mid-word.
Shaun: Yes, me as well, I believe.
Me: *looks at picture* Ugh, it sucks. Would you mind a re-take, Shaun?
Shaun: Of course not.
Me: Okay, Shaun, let's look pretty.
Shaun: Handsome! Well. Handsome for me. Pretty for you.
*Rachael snaps the picture*
Me: Thank you! And, could you sign my hat?
Shaun: Yes. *signs hat next to Mr. Moustaschio's signature*
Me: Thank you so much! Good night!
*We leave the theatre*

My mom was talking to Paul when we came out. I told him that he did very good, and then got a picture taken with him. As we were leaving, we wished him good night, and he told me to thank my mom for bringing me there, and I did.

It was absolutely amazing.

Here are some pictures:

Here's me && Bob [you can't see the cow-lick!]:

Me && Chris [I'm in love with that boy.]:

Me && Darren [I wasn't used to seeing him without his beard!]:

Me && Greta [This girl is my hero.]:

Me && Shaun [the re-take. Shaun is one of the nicest people I've ever met.]:

Me && Paul [This guy is just awesome. I want to be his friend.]:

Me && the amazing Mr. Moustaschio [LOVE.]:

Me && TJ [His jacket pwn'd.]:

The Hush Sound pictures [Spitalfield, Pablo, and Straylight Run aren't on my laptop yet]:


21st December 2006

9:14pm: Going nowhere fast.
I had a mini-mental breakdown last night.
It was good.
I mean.
I was watching Taking Back Sunday perform last night on channel 8 (David Letterman or whatever)... and it was crazy. I started recording it when he was introducing them, and I was all excited and stuff... and when Adam started singing... dude. I just cried. I... seriously. I sat down on one of our chairs and just criedcriedcried, but I was smiling and singing along. I don't know.
And also...
Is it normal that I go teenie for Fred at a more dangerous extent than I do for Adam? It's so weird. Haha.

I'm going ice-skating w/Jessica tomorrow.
You know it.
I'm nervous.
But I get to wear my beenie, my Panic! hoodie, and my gloves that Ashley got me for my birthday.



- Sarah
Current Mood: crazy

20th December 2006

3:24pm: There is a lighthouse 500 yards down.
I went to sleep at 5 in the morning last night. I watched Oliver! about five times, and posted on the FOBrock boards, and finally got tired enough to close my eyes...
My back was keeping me up, and about two hours before I went to sleep, I got up and got a peanut butter and pickel sandwhich and some milk, which I suppose is a weird choice or a 3:00 AM snack, but it was good, and it made me happy. It was pretty much the first thing I have eaten in about three days, since I've been so sick.
I want to get a Brand New shirt.
But I'm broke.


- Sarah
Current Mood: exhausted

19th December 2006

11:13pm: I am so last Winter.
I guess I'm still pretty excited about this new journal, and I want to update obsessively, even though no one reads it.

I just got through watching FOB's new video. It was cute. I enjoyed it, and recorded it to the DVR, and plan on watching it many more times, just because I'm cool like that.

I still can't believe how much I've been writing lately. Some (a lot) of it has been rather disappointing, the most disappointing being a Adam Lazzara/John Nolan fic I wrote in about 30 minutes that will probably remain in the dark corner of Microsoft Wordpad, never to see the light of a bandslash community, because I don't want people to laugh at it. It really... is bad. IDK. It was cute when I first started writing it, but... as I continued, I just kept thinking, "This is, like, really crappy.''... But I couldn't stop writing. I suppose I'm just weird like that.

I've been sitting in this den all day, on the computer all day, except for one period of time when I made my mom watch the Louder Now: Partone edition of d'Fused with me. (She said that they all seemed like nice boys, and that made me very happy for her to say that, considering all the rude things she has said about Pete Wentz lately...)

I guess I have an excuse, though. I'm tired, and sick. I don't think I should have to move around or anything, because that would just hurt. I've hardly eaten anything over the past few days, because everytime I try, I get sick at my stomach. I fixed macaroni and cheese today for me, my sister, and my brother, and my bowl just ended up collecting dust as I distracted myself from the hunger by making this LiveJournal. It's pathetic. I'm hungry, but I can't eat.

Well, I suppose I'm gonna go...


- Sarah
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4:12pm: Error: Operator.
I'm pretty new to this whole LiveJournal thing, but I thought I would give it a shot. I used to be a Xanga person, and I am also a Myspace whore, so, why not try this little area of blogging/other assorted things?

(I am completely denying the fact that the only reason I joined LiveJournal is the bandslash. Oooooohhhhyeaaaaah.)

Christmas break has proved to be a bit disappointing so far. I've spent more time in front of this computer than anything, I've had to cancel several plans w/friends because I keep getting sick, which is pretty pathetic. The Christmas movie line-up has been equally pathetic, and I am about to punch faces because they're not showing the Christmas Carol musical w/Jesse L. Martin and Ruthie Henshall. I love that thing.

As of late and out of boredom, I started writing again. Bandfictions, because I'm an obsessed loser. I love writing Adam Lazzara. He's such an interesting person to characterize. But that's just me. IDK. I don't think I'll ever write an Adam Lazzara-less fic. And I have no problem with that.

Tonight@11:00 = FOB's new video. Yeaaaash. I can't wait. My whole life has led up to this... Random, but important. To me, at least.

Well, I suppose this is good enough for a first journal entry.


- Sarah
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